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A male homosexual who utilizes the popular social network Facebook to make advances on his prey. Prey, in this case, are other members of Facebook that the Predator sees as desirable and available. The Gaybook Predator is characterized as having little concern for the privacy of others, freely making inquiries into the sexual preferences of others in an effort to see who he can hunt. After finding a target, he tends to make pseudo-friendly and vapid responses, to appear approachable, and make the prey feel more intelligent. The Gaybook Predator is consistently bad news.

Note: Definition is not necessarily related to the actual Gaybook.
Clarence: "There's this guy who keeps messaging me on Facebook. He kept asking me if I was guy, but he seems nice. Kind of dopy though"
Tom: "Gaybook Predator! AVOID AVOID AVOID"
by Cyrus0 August 14, 2011
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