Jonny McGovern, podcast host, singer, dancer, extraordinaire. Member of the house of sparkle magic.
Have you seen the new Gay Pimp video "don't fall in love with a homo"?
by SassyMonkey August 28, 2008
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A person who solicits his sexual services to other men.
Yo, Herb, there's the Gay Pimp you've been looking for! You got enough money for him?
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When you realize your shipping company gets paid to deliver a load.
Hey Bill, Nick from Gay Pimps Logistics. We got the payment from Greg, so his load will be in your hands by Tuesday.
by Scotty Nice April 23, 2021
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referring to someones whos a pimp but is gay
ok boom your such a "faggot gay pimp"
by gvhjb April 25, 2023
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