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Ever had one of thse guys who just hung around during a conversation? Or just came up and leant his head on your shoulder for no apparent reason? Yes?, then you have been in contact with a gay butterfly. Denial is his best weapon, however if he gets you alone, prepare for cheeky pseudo-gay gestures and comments and never let your guard down, he will exploit it!
"Ben, Your such a gay butterfly!!"

(in the way he mimics the fluttering movements of a butterfly as he prances from male to male)
by G-Train August 02, 2005
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When a homosexual character (usually male) has strong emotional feelings for another character who doesn't know it yet. Typically used in stories as a comical phrase. It can be used in en everyday setting.
"Maxine I really like Jack"
"Well does he know?"
"No, but I get gay butterflies every time I'm with him"
"Oh Patch..."
by Writers M&I February 24, 2012
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