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The Alfa male of the group, which usually consists of having a massive pulsating slong. He may be known to his peers as the (Tripod) or the man with the fucking huge horse cock!. He has many eroctic stories & fetishes, that he shares intimately with his friends in a manor were he strokes your leg gently while whispering it into your ear. He is known as the (ultimate cougar hunter), equipped with the ultimate essentials: Enormous penis (veiny as the milfs love to run there tongues down his knob), tight Bronze Abdominals & also a petruding veiny monster beneath his pants, & finally firm buns straight from the oven for her to effectively give him the perfect Rim Job while there still warm. His Milf catching technique is quite peculiar as he the captures milfs with an elongated cum shot lasso. Which efficiently holds the unsuspected milf around her arse & clitoris, this also loosen's her up as the jizz seep through her thong & gradually lubricates her already wet pussy. She is probaly already wet because the sight of him would make the milf run round the corner just to strum her clitar and fundamentally ejaculate her female juices all over herself while lactating into her own mouth. The Gawthorne may also be known as an abercrombie model as he is often mistaken for the likes of brad pitt in the movie Troy! His signature trait is leaving huge dumps in people pools but unfortunately will always been caught on tape! ohh and he is a compulsive Masturbator!
Dude did you do a Gawthorne last night! cause my cousin is security guard and he showed me a tape off this guy who looked like you, a sort of Brad pitt abercrombie model with long hair, leaving a mother fuking huge sloppy nutty fucking dump in the pool then lassoing this milf with a fuking sticky cum shot then fucking the Milf while leaving a cum shot cream pie in her ass! then she farted and it sprayed all over his face! and your the type of douche who would do something like that.
by Gawthorne1089 September 07, 2010
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1. The act of being completely, yet unnecessarily fucked over in the workplace for no other reason than your colleague/s incoherence and disregard for sane human behaviour.
Bill: "Have you finished that report I asked you to write last week?"

Guy: "Yeah, I have it right here. I spent day and night compiling all the intricate data you requested, but after a lot of hard work I finally got it done!"

Bill: "Oh, you wrote a report? What did you do that for?"

*Bill proceeds to pull his pants down and shit himself at his desk*

Bill: "You've just been Gawthorned!"
by ZZTop. June 20, 2012
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