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Noun - a person who 'judges' another unfairly.
Used when a person ridicules one for a silly act or for making a lighthearted comment (the ridicule-er would be the GavelWhacker).

- Because judges use gavels, making the judge a GavelWhacker, because he/she does the judging (the term GavelWhacker has nothing to do with what a gavel is used for, only who the gavel is used by).
Example 1:
James - *Making faces at random people while walking through the mall*

Jeff - Dude, you look like an idiot and you're attracting attention. Stop.

James - C'mon Jeff, stop being such a GavelWhacker!

Example 2:
Jimmie - "...That's when i told Jessica to get back in the kitchen!"

Jennifer - "You're an ass Jimmie."

Jimmie - "Oh Jennifer, you know i was kidding, don't be such a GavelWhacker."
by Oakshirus July 08, 2012
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