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Gavamy - Celebrated every year on the 28th April.

The origins of Gavamy have been traced back to the Berkshire town of Ascot and the births of Gav (1979) and Amy (1981) both of which occurred on the 28th April. Gavamy is officially recognised as the fastest growing alternative religon in the UK.

28/04 celebrations tend to be based around getting completely shitfaced. It is customary to sing The Anthem 'God Save Our Gavamy' and bodypop to The 28/04 Rap.

The British Government are considering making the 28th April a national holiday.
Person 1: 'Claire! Phyllis looks as pail, blotchy and gaunt like a crack-whore with no business!'.

Claire: 'Yeah, he got totally cunted celebrating Gavamy last night'.
by Beebop A Doo Wap January 24, 2011
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