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A guy you hang out with for the purposes of meeting new people. There is usually little romantic interest, though you may lead him on.
"Who him? No I don't like him. He's just the gateway guy.
by I.LP.I August 10, 2012
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A guy who is cool and fun, but not hot enough. You get to know him and become friends with him. This friendship will then lead you to get introduced to his cool buddies and at least one or two of them might be hot.
I met this awesome guy. We really hit it off and I love hanging out with him, but I am not attracted to him. Yet, I am sure he has some cool friends and some of them are bound to be hot. He is totally my gateway guy!
by Elolabethen November 18, 2013
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Noun; 1. Guys Who Pride Themselves On Taking The Virginity Of Females
2. The Guy A Female Loses Her Virginity To.
3. The Smaller Penis A Girl Has Sex With To Help Her Build A Tolerance For Pain Before She Has Sex With A Bigger Penis.
Damn He Has Taken Like Every Girls Virginity Around Here, Yep He's A Gateway Guy

Or Daammmnnn He Smashed Her? She Was Still Pretty Tight, He Was A Weak Gateway Guy
by BigPoodie July 12, 2011
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