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A rarer species of SciFi fan.
'Gate' refers to Stargate, including the shows Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, almost-game Stargate Worlds, almost-show Stargate Universe. One of the top-three scifi cult followings.

'Flan' refers to a show called Firefly. A flan is also called a browncoat (both of which have entries on UD).

Both together means the person loves both shows. Since the two shows are so different, it's seem odd to have mutual fans, but since many of the acotrs had crossovers, there are more Gateflans than you'd think.
They quote both shows contantly, they change thier wardrobes, preferences, etc.
But usually, they're really smart.
Joey: Yoa sei toamonah! Holy hannah!

Scotty: What?? Chinese AND a blatant Gate reference? Why, my friend, you are a Gateflan! We should get you to an Internet support group immeadiatly!

Joey: *begins swearing in chinese* oh, go suck a lemon.
by Chelse Beckett April 15, 2008
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