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Science fiction series set within the Stargate franchise mythology. More mature and serious in tone than it's predecessors, with higher production values it has been hailed as the saviour of the genre, the last remaining hardcore science fiction series on television and a departure from the shows it preceded, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis respectively.

Garnering hate from a section of philistine supporters of the previous series' the show has found solace in critical acclaim and a more intelligence and thoughtful (if smaller) audience than the shows that preceeded it. The show has been praised by critics and scientists alike as it explores the human condition the way great science fiction should.

A true television masterpiece.
Did you see Stargate Universe last night? My mind it blown!
by Jenks86 December 10, 2010
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Canadian science fiction television production based on the parody of the "younger hip" Stargate as seen in Stargate Number 200. A mashup of teenage lust, marines in space, Battlestar Galactica film work with a slight Stargate mythology background added for marketing purposes.

First sci-fi show based on the claim, "Just keep watching it's going to get a whole lot better." First premium priced half-season DVD set to be released.

Notable as the first science fiction series to gather no positive reviews and a number of anti-fan sites. Most fans initially watched under the auspice, "I'll give it a chance" but soon checked out by Episode "Earth".

Will live on as the Spin the Stargate board game, based upon spin the bottle.
I had to hurl after watching Stargate Universe Shakey Cam.

They cancelled Stargate Atlantis to give us this dogshit?

Why do they call it Stargate Universe if they don't use the Stargate?
by The Anti-Tanith January 02, 2010
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