Passenger, often inexperienced flyers in Kettle Class, who crowd around or line up at a gate at an airport completely blocking the boarding area and preventing First and Business Class passengers from being able to get on the plane when they're allowed to. They can also cause delays and confusion if a passenger in a wheelchair needs to board as the chair has to plow through the mass of gate lice hovering around the gate.

When it's time to board, they have to be shooed from the front boarding area to the back of the line, delaying the flight for everyone.
"We should probably head to the plane early before the gate lice show up".

"I don't understand why those people were being gate lice. Don't they know Zone 4 means you board last ?"
by jetdillo February 23, 2010
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Like nasty little bugs they clog up the 'follicles' of the gate boarding process. An itchy irritant that further fuels the stress of modern day air travel. They merge and swarm when anything is announced, even '10 minutes until we board' will draw out the most aggressive gate lice to hover around the boarding area, slowing everything down and infuriating considerate travelers.

Ive learned its also not always as simple as the lice being drawn by overhead luggage needs. After years of travel, I have learned that gate lice are a genetic form, not dissimilar to the steerage passengers of the past. The issue is not with them, (they will be drawn to an open gate like a moth to a flame) the issue lies with the airline who make the mistake of mixing such unsophisticated passengers with the noble, 1st class executive class.
You may have to get physical when wading through gate lice at a gate.

I hope we don't see too many gate lice today, they have been more agressive recently.
by Freightbadger June 6, 2023
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People who crowd the boarding area at the airport who have no business being at the front of the line.
Derek - "I was flying home yesterday and I had boarding group 1. I couldn't get to the front of the line because there were too many people crowding in front of me...and they were in groups 5 and 6."
Peter - "Yeah, those Gate Lice are afraid the overhead bins will get full."
Derek - "Dude!!"
by Apeortdz June 16, 2017
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