A surname from Hispanic and Filipino decent. Stemmed the nicknames: Gat, Gatdula Oblongata, G'dula, Gatmaster.
Yo Gatdula, you the fuckin' man!
by Joe April 1, 2004
a weaksauce chick who drives a BMW who lives in milpitas that truly defines WEAKSAUCE..
Stop busting a Stephanie Gatdula you weaksauce chick!!!..
by onesix b. March 9, 2004
Chris Gatdula, is of Filipino decent, among the few awesome and "ultra badass" Christopher Gatdula's blessing the world, there is the Christopher Gatdula of the dance group " The Jabowokees"
Man Chris Gatdula is the man

Also nicknames accociated: gat-man, gatdula oblongata, g man, ect
by mrknifeguy November 12, 2022