A football workout made by Christopher Coll of Tri West Highschool. You start at one end of a football sideline then do two down backs. Thats one rep
by Major Wang November 23, 2016
Someone of German or Austrian nationality or descent
It's hard for Germans to shake that association with gassing millions of people to death

He was proud of his Austrian background but people still thought he was just a gasser

She thought she was so liberal with her "multi-culti" schtick but we all knew from her German accent that she was a gasser whose parents were full fledged Nazi's.
by jtt July 7, 2012
1. Someone who passes gas frequently.
2. An suv that uses an impressive amount of fuel.
3. A slang term for a grunt off of the video game Halo
Dude, Steve, you're such a gasser!

My mom's Lexus is a total gasser.

Kill the little douche bag gassers. NO THAT'S ME YOU SMACKTARD!!!
by CableGuy May 9, 2004
A unique ethnicity that is best described by imaging the blend of a red-haired, caucasian with a light skinned African American.
by josephN May 21, 2013
Gasser: A NAME, MINE: and A Brief Description of me with the name of gasser; Tall, When Your are more Mature than older ages by The age of 13-14. Smart, Well Educated, Have a Good Accents in many Languages. He Might not be that Handsome, But Beauty is in the Inside not the Outside. And Just to let you know First get to know him well in private and you'll love him get to know him in public he might not be the best.
Hi my name is Gasser
by Gasser_ahmed_ on IG December 31, 2018
G.A.S. is an acrynom for "Got any Shit?" What makes a person/tweaker a "gasser" is that the first question they immediately ask you is "Got Any Shit Man?"
"Damnit Janet I was just at the beach and wouldn't you know it, some stank ass troll gasser comes and asks if I got Any shit!" Some people's kids,huh?
by $heDcReePS_1502 March 16, 2018
A modified closed car or rat rod that competes at drag races.
There's gonna be a gasser war at the dragstrip tonight! Don't miss it!
by kopper November 13, 2006