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To Gase Out is either:

a)to fall asleep in the middle of a circle of conversing friends

b) to wipeout in Skate (the video game) by doing an ollie too late, hitting your trucks on a curb, and having your body fly into a pole.

c) to be too tired to hang out with friends.
a)Someone lays his head down on the table
"Is he really asleep?"
"Yeah he just Gase'd out."

b) Someone ollies late in skate hits their trucks and flies into a telephone pole.
"Woah! you totally just Gase'd Out!"

c)"Hey man do you want to hang out tonight?"
"Not guys i'm really tired."
"dude' You're Gase'ing Out on me"
by ghl1234567890 August 06, 2008
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