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Garry Newman created the mod Garry's Mod, and sandbox version of HL2. At the time of it's first release Garry was an amateur C++ coder, most of his knowledge coming from the internet. Gmod's (Short for Garry's Mod) first release had a "rope gun" allow ropes to be attached to props, and a man hack gun that spawn man hacks and cameras (NPC's in HL2) throughout the single player HL2. Since then in it's latest version (Gmod 11), Garry's Mod has access to most Source Games content (Maps, Models, etc.) and a wild variety of tools including, but not limited to, Weld tool, No-Collide tool, Hover Ball tool, Thrusters, Prop Spawner, Material, etc. It also supports Lua as an addon framework. Gmod has a huge fan base and thanks to Lua a large amount of community made mods, most innovating of which is the Wire Mod. (See Originally Gmod was free, up until Gmod 10 when it was released for $10 (Half of which goes to Valve, the other half to Garry and his team). Garry's Mod 10 was on the top 10 sellers of Valve for many months. Garry Newman lives in Britain and has since made over 1.5 million dollars thanks to Gmod.
Garry's Mod, a mod by Garry Newman, a sandbox psychics game where anything goes.
by Big.Boss September 14, 2009
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