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To steal someone else's lighter by putting it into your own pocket after that person has handed it to you to light a cigarette or anything else with the expectation of recieving it back.
James took out a cigarette and asked Eric for a lighter. After James lit his cigarette he and Eric started chatting. After a few minutes Eric reaches into his pocket, finds no lighter and asks James "Where's my lighter? Did you Garlock it?" James reaches into his pocket, pulls out Eric's lighter and says "Shit."
by Jimmybobs September 16, 2006
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//Noun// Origin: Ohio Plural Form: Garlox
A person that typically uses social media as a way to vent their insecurities on women, usually of white heritage. This venting usually results in dry spells of duration in excess of 18 months.
Hey did you see Dave's tweet about girls that drink Svedka? Yeah he is a garlock.
by The Power August 10, 2018
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