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Trash one finds on the street outside one's home or apartment that is better than what is in one's apartment or home. Makes you wonder if you've got a neighbor eager to burn cash.
The garbabe on my block blows me away - I found a desk chair someone trashed that's better than the one in my office! I'd pay at least a hundred for it at the Salvation Army Store.
by mbdwriter August 05, 2009
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A female that is comparable to the likes of something usually associated with disgust, or potentially causing innocent onlookers to vomit, such as trash and/or excrement. I.E: (In vernacular); A trashy ass hoe-bag.
You see Tommy, Kendra might be a babe, but you know she's garbage, that makes her a garbabe. Stay away.
by Zac & Jonah December 14, 2007
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