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While having anal sex, when you pull out and the anus is gaped, you spoon mac and cheese into it. You must use the spoon originally used to stir the cheese into the macaroni, not a regular spoon you would normally eat with. After the spoon is pulled out, any macaroni left on it is then fed to the gaper with the WHOLE spoon portion completely in the mouth, whether it be by her own will or forced, until it is completely clean. Alternatively, if the gaper is in the doggystyle position, you can use her back to rest the pot, and then scoop and drop macaroni into the gape between thrusts.
y0, i made sure the leftover macaroni and cheese didn't go to waste this time. I had my mother-in-law warm it up and then I made her ass some Gaperoni!
by b0ssm4n July 18, 2011
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