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When a mob of people, or gang rather, all attack one person and give them as many wedgies as possible. It is also quite common to leave the person who was wedgied in a Jock Lock so they have to get out by themselves.
When a gang wedgie is performed you can hear the shriek of the person who is getting the wedgie for 1,000 miles.
by Nyaruma December 16, 2006
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A gang wedgie is where a group of people give wedgies to a person and ending in giving them a jock lock or a hanging.


If you don't know what a wedgie is its where you or the giver grabs your or anothers persons undies and yanks up fast.

The group wedgie is usually performed on briefs or TY wearers
Usually given by Boxers and or boxer-briefs.
Ok so this happened to me today.

I was walking down the hallways and a group of bullies come and say they want to talk to me I say ok.So we went in there locker room and lock the door and say WEDGIE TIME and they yank my dark blue boxer-briefs and put them over my head.
The stand there laughing and say next it's hanging so they tie my hands and feet together and hang me in one of there lockers. A hour later they come back and let me out and strip me to my Boxer-briefs and jock-lock me.Then they take my shoe and spank my bare butt until its red.Then they undo me and the school bell rings so they take me into the girls bathroom and hang me, put a bag over my head and tape to it FREE WEDGIES AND SWIRLYS. So I hang there and all the 8th grade girls come in a atomic me. And finally let me go home in the atomic wedgie. And my parents are in china so I was embarrassed because of my huge gang wedgie.
by Wedgiegod March 24, 2013
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