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In general, a Punjabi male. The term is usually associated with heavy drinking and smoking, listening to rap/popular music, and in general "living in the moment". Often times, this translates into extreme Punjabi tribalism and general belligerence toward those who insult them. Most Gandeeps consequently display various levels of indifference to academic and intellectual affairs; the select few who don't, however, tend to be distinguished in the science, technology, and business worlds.
"Dude, that guy got piss drunk at the party last night. What a fucking Gandeep."
"Tukade tukada kara dun ge je hojoo panga." ("We're gonna cut you into pieces if you try to pull bullshit on us") - A typical line from a belligerent Gandeep
by topkekmemer12016 February 13, 2017
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