A person who is totally into the fine and outstanding culture of Video Gaming. Often seen sporting a game related T-Shirt i.e. Mortal Kombat, Pac Man etc.

In addition to purchasing all merchandise related to their favorite game, a Gaming Enthusiast will spend long, hot uninterrupted hours of gaming in some back room. Forgoing proper nutrition, basic hygiene, even pornography in lieu of leveling up. Leveling up for a Gaming Enthusiast is like shooting sweet China White into the vein of a heroin addict.

Gaming Enthusiasts have been found dead with controllers still being clutched in their rigor mortified hands - We salute you

In the future when our world is invaded by hordes of malevolent alien Reptiloids. The nations of the earth will turn to the Gaming Enthusiast to save them. For the Gaming Enthusiast alone possesses the knowledge and talent combined with years of virtual experience for fighting such a cause.

Sound far fetched? I leave you with this: Songs have been written and movies have been made about Gaming Enthusiasts saving the world.
Attending E3 and Blizzcon is like a trip to Mecca for the Gaming Enthusiast.
by SWARTHOS September 11, 2019
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Loser who spends way too much time in front of a tv screen playing video games.
"Plus, whatever the differences between PlayStation 3 and the Xbox
360, real gaming enthusiasts will, of course, simply have to own both"
by Jeremy Goldberg May 20, 2005
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