A gamer word is typically a word that is used in a heated gamer moment, only such a gamer would understand and not judge. There are about 14 words that are gamer words, including the n-word.
*at a bridge, when an enemy kills pewdiepie's friend*
Pewdiepie: "What a fucking ni**er"

Someone defending the use of the n-word: He only said a gamer word
by Eoki January 3, 2019
- PewDiePie is in trouble again.
- Oh yeah, why?
- He said the gamer-word.
- Those boys never learn…
by heppcatt January 8, 2019
Any offensive word (most often the n-word, f-word, or k-word) used in a derogatory manner towards somebody as if it's a Call of Duty lobby.
PewDiePie: What a fucking n***er!
Sane People: PewDiePie, please refrain from using gamer words.
by Big Man Billy July 3, 2020
A synonym for a derogatory slur
i.e. the 'n word'
Gamer 1: Bruh, you can't utter the gamer word
Gamer 2: stfu I'll say it anyways niiiiiiiiiiiiiii- *pew pew device noise*
by Argentum860 October 4, 2021
Gamer words are homophobic, racist or sexist words
You: did you hear notch said some gamer words about trans people?
Homie: no I didn’t, smh
by Gamerisms April 27, 2020