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A point in a gamer's career in which said gamer stops being obsessed with said game because they aquire an in-game item of trvial value but nevertheless important to them, killing all of their interest in whatever game they had a gamepitamy in. An example of a gamepitamy-causing item would be Halo 3's Recon armor or one of COD's Golden Guns. Gamepitamies can also be acheived by reaching high status or rank within the game. Players are encouraged to reach their gamepitamy as soon as possible because it breaks addiction to gaming and leads to getting a life.
Chad: Hey dude why hasn't Rod been on Halo lately?

Julian: Oh didn't you hear? He got to the rank of Noble in Halo: Reach and had a total gamepitamy.
by SoNotOriginal October 11, 2011
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