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\Game-day-er\, noun;

1. Any individual involved in or surrounding the activities of a sporting event or gameday.

2. Referring or pertaining to athletes, press members, coaches, physical trainers, office personnel, tailgaters, true fans. Not bandwagon fans.

3. A die-hard fan who travels with their favorite teams to party in the parking lot, often times without the guarantee of making it inside the stadium.
1. Gamedays would be nothing without the Gamedayr Nation.

2. Some of the greatest Gamedayrs of all time are Mike Ditka, Tim Tebow, Bobby Boucher, Erin Andrews, and that Blankenship kid at Alabama.

3. Gamedayr: "At the tailgate party I did 25 kegstands. I was so drunk I thought we won the game after the first half and fell down 30 rows of stairs."

Other Dude: "Dude, you're a true Gamedayr."
by RJ2012 April 20, 2012
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