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Normally the weakest player in any online game that tends to be the most sought after player from the opposite team to gain easy points due to the lack of effort that is required for killing that player.
Michael: Damn!! That is the fifth time xxmakingdalove59 killed me!
Mom: Sorry, Mikey honey. Looks like you're the game bitch.

xxmakingdalove59: Dude, I just totally made this kid my game bitch. It was awesome.
Friend: Nice one. Can I use the Xbox360 to watch porn now?
by NoshaHammer March 17, 2009
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a chick that likes to play mean games on people (generally guys) for her own sadistic pleasure
Amy said she loved ted,and she invited him to come over to her house tonight.. she's going to leave the door open and when he knocks she'll say "come in Ted" upon opening the door he'll see Amy going at it with Luther..what a GAMEBITCH , we've got to warn Ted
by worderamma September 18, 2009
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