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If something belongs to you, whose is it? Avoid the word or suffer the consequences - 10 pressups every time the word is mentioned.
Guy 1 "Whose pint is this?"
Guy 2 "Hey that's MINE!"
Fellow Gentlemen "GET DOWN!"
Guy 1 "Shouldn't have joined the game for life!"
Guy 2 "Awwwwww sheeeeit"
by fuckthegame September 21, 2010
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A drinking game
A person participating in the game asks someone else if they want to play "the game for life". Before explaining the game they must get a "yes" or "no" answer. If the respondent says "yes" they are in the game for life. Ask them which their dominant hand is. Whichever hand they say, they can no longer hold alcoholic beverages in. If you catch them with a drink in their dominant hand yell "bull moose" anyone participating has to chug the beverage in their dominant hand no matter what kind or whose it is.
Nick and Daniel are playing the game for life. Nick is holding a bottle of vodka in his dominant hand. Daniel notices and yells "bull moose!" Nick chugs the bottle and yacks all over Daniel
by drunkpenguinz November 11, 2018
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