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A quarterback in NFL football who is the best of the worst, or maybe the worst of the best. Whichever way you cut it, they cannot do anything spectacular whatsoever, but instead of being called shit and being grouped in with the rest of the turdbunch are given the much more friendly term of "game manager". They are the cream of the poopy crop. Game Managers do everything in their power to not shit the bed for their team that is usually winning in spite of them. They're shit.
In 2010 one might have called Mark Sanchez a Game Manager, in 2012 however it's pretty obvious he's not even that; he's just shit.
by Not Rex Ryan January 15, 2013
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A mediocre NFL quarterback that lets the game come to him, simply managing it rather than making things happen.
John Stocco isn't a superstar...just a game manager.
by stratman42 April 29, 2012
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The most derogatory name you can give a starting quarterback at any level; but if the cleat fits wear it. In the case of a game manager the reality is his team is good enough to run itself (mostly due to a high-level of talent on the team) and all he does is fill in a necessary position. Calling a quarterback a game manager tends to be more offensive to mediocre quarterbacks simply because it implies they themselves aren't much of a talent, improviser or a needed individual for the team. A game manager simply is filling a spot that any half-wit half talented athlete with basic knowledge of football could do because everyone else on his team is a beast excluding the game manager :(

Game managers are not even the icing on the cake but more of a fancy decoration or candle on it.
Wow the starting quarterback this year hasn't done anything special or dazzling

but his team is undefeated... what a game manager
by Deeznutszzz October 09, 2015
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