the art of skipping the tutorial in a game you've never played
by LiamTAT August 1, 2018
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A let’s play YouTube channel staring Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson and Danny “Sexbang” Avidan. Their episodes often involving silly voices, jokes, running gags, making fun of games (typically Sonic the Hedgehog) and insightful advice and life stories. Also shows by the name of Steam Train, Grumpcade and Steam Rolled appear in the channel, although not as frequent, it is also expected for the channel to have various random segments every now and then.
Do you watch Game Grumps?
You know the let’s play duo involving that one animator and musician?
The two dudes who could be in a Pantene commercial .
by NotEditedbyMattandRyan February 8, 2018
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Game Grumped is a term used for when someone, instead of sitting through the tutorial, skips the tutorial and goes through the Game without knowing what they are doing.
"Don't you want to know what to do?"
"Nah, I'm just gonna Game Grump it by not going through the tutorial."
Game Grumping or Game Grumped it is when someone doesn't go through the tutorial of a game.
by A fucking gay bastard August 2, 2018
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An addition to my other definition.
The duo has broken and repaired, but instead of Jon, Danny from NinjaSexParty joined. Fans are not pleased.
RubberRoss has also started a series with Danny on the Game Grumps channel as well, known as Steam Train. Instead of console games, the content it has is of computer games.
Ah man, Danny can never replace Jon in our Grump hearts!

Dude, Danny is a good addition to Game Grumps.
by Garnet June 26, 2013
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Litrally the best show you will EVER WATCH! They are so funny, quirky, adorable handsome men who over 5.2 million people love and do not dispize. There are, however, fan fiction of them. Which I personally like some. I'm not gonna name them though. They started in 2013. Then escalated out of no where and became very big. Now today, they are known worldwide, and most do like and enjoy their show.
The world: WE ♡ U GAME GRUMPS!!!
Game Grumps: Aww thank you :)
by Beeeeeeeeeeees April 7, 2019
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Playing an incredibly popular video game, often for hundreds of hours, and learning nothing whatsoever.

This can either dramatically lower your enjoyment, or raise it far higher than it should be.
"I just played Blank for the past week! It was so much fun!"
"Nice! What did you think of Story?"
"What? Oh I don't give a shit. I was just Game-Grumping."
by vertgeburger March 14, 2022
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A let's play duo of Jon Jafari, or JonTron, and Arin Hanson, or Egoraptor. The channel has gained a large fanbase, and unlike other Let's Play channel fans, they are more accepting and do not rage if someone hates them. Games they have played are, to name a few, Goof Troop, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Castlevania 3, and Mega Man X7.
Game grumps is the greatest thing ever conceived!

Nah, I don't like it.

by Garnet April 8, 2013
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