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Galope meaning a mildly sexual term. The main definition of Galope is "deep throating somthing" is a combonation of Grope+dome. It can be ask be used at random, as an exclamation, or even as an insult to somone. It can disguise the word "blow job", and make it so that you can curse unnoticed. Random blurts of this term induce laughter, as a seemingly random combination of letters. So be weary when using this, but know that it fits best for perverted sentences and awkward silence-breaking. Galope is an uncommon word, but when it is used, it is used by the finest of perverts, and of the best conversational people.
"Sandy's Galoping that candy cane like theres no tomorrow!"
"I Galoped him last night at the party at Bobs"
"Mann, she Galoped me good last night"
by Hellokitty12 January 17, 2010
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