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Somebody who has had their face burnt in a tragic accident during their childhood. Possibly from fire, or even a pot of boiling water being dropped on them.
Nigga I'll burn your face up like a gaither.
by TheRTyst September 20, 2009
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Origin: Latin for "dramatic"

Refers to a heterosexual male that may or may not have any of the following characteristics:

1) Enjoys watching One Tree Hill and tries to make the show a reality in his own life
2) Creeps on girls on facebook
3) Creeps on girls in real life
4) Only showers on rare occasions (shower may or may not be taken while drinking a beer)
5) Sleeps 19 hours a day
6) Does little to no school work

If you have 3 or more of these characteristics please seek immediate psychological help
"Dude, that kid over there is starting to act like a real gaither these days"
by raider9443 May 19, 2009
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