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An act in which a seemingly regular/quiet person acts wildly out of control or begins having muscular spasms. This is usually followed by uncontrollable pacing around the room or vincinity coupled with unrestrained fury, expressed through rampant, barbaric language.

This does not usually have any cause and seems that this performance has no triggreing characteristics or patterns.

If you see this phenomenon exit the area as quick as you can. And i mean AS QUICK AS YOU CAN.
Ben: Hey Steve. How was your weekend?

Steve: $#@&%!!! %&@£!!! %$&#?@!!!

(Steve starts shaking uncontallably)

Steve: AHHH!!

(paces up and down)

Steve: Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

(Steve starts breathing deep and heavily followed by flipping of nearby tables and chairs.

Ben: OK! OK! Calm down dude! Don't have a Gadsby!

(Steve runs out of the room muttering un-understandable words)

Ben: OK...
by Fz093 August 07, 2009
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scumbag slut whore of new zealand who gets all da boys dick
"hey you know that guy finn gadsby?" "yea" "well he got all the dick last night"
by fun fun fun... April 28, 2012
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