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Gabryl is a feminine name that derives from the name Gabrielle. She is usually a strong, outspoken girl even though it might not be shown at first. She is very smart and usually loves to gain more knowledge any way she can.

She doesn't have a huge group of friends and likes to keep it that way. She is very aware of her surroundings and knows that too many friends leads to being stabbed in the back as she has learned before. This is a prime example to show that she never makes the same mistake twice.

Even so, the few friends she does have are her best friends and she trusts they will be with her for life. She always keeps them entertained with her sarcastic and witty humor and many elaborate ways she knows how to tell a story.

She is also very beautiful and has a personality to match. Her eyes are usually her greatest feature as you usually find yourself captivated by her gaze. She is not an open person when it comes to relationships and usually likes to show herself self love. If she falls for you you are a very lucky person as she will show you as much love as she shows herself but if you lose her there's a good chance she will not fall for you again so be careful. She is also very independent so do not expect her to be around you 24/7 as she is a natural introvert.

If you are lucky enough to have a Gabryl, keep her because it's likely you won't find another. It is rare that she trusts you as she does not trust many people.
"Have you heard of that girl in our class? She's quiet but there's something special about her."

"I know right! She is such a Gabryl."
by MarcieMarie123 April 24, 2018
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