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Gabrianna (Gah-bree-anna) is a unique name given to very few girls. When pronounced correctly, it has a very beautiful ring to it. Many people who are named Gabrianna are beautiful themselves, in both body and soul. Gabriannas can be trusted and will keep secrets until their deathbed. They forgive, but never forget. Don't take their beauty as a sign of delicacy- most of them are very hardy and willing to fight for what they believe in.

Because of the name's long structure, a short middle name is often bestowed; if the child has a longer name, than an even smaller middle name might be in order to balance it out. The name is often nick'd into something shorter and easier to pronounce.
Name structure - Good
Gabrianna May Trauger
Gabrianna Jo Allen-Reitter

Name structure - Bad
Gabrianna Alicia Sheppard
Gabrianna Robin Nickson

Common nicknames for Gabrianna -

Gabby, Gabs, Gabriela, Anna, Ana, Brianna, Bri
by runlikeaninja February 11, 2010
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