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Abbreviation for Gay White Female. Used in personal ads to describe a lesbian.

Similar to GBF (black), GLF (latina), GAF (asian) etc..

As opposed to SWF single white female (SBF, SLF, SAF etc) which assumes heteronormativity
GWF seeks soulmate
Loves folk music and long walks...
by Albertina Einstein March 31, 2014
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Geeks Without Fears
A gang of freaks filming funny movies.
Mr.X - Hey, have you seen that new GWF-movie???
Mr.Y - You mean that one in wich they are sliding on ice into trees???
Mr.X - No, in thisone they are smashing windows with there heads.
Mr.Y - Ok, i really got to see it, ttyl.
Mr.X - BB
by Pontus Liljeberg April 09, 2005
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Guys with Feelings

GWF is about the uncomfortable parts of being a man, as two best friends reveal the deepest and darkest moments of their personal life.
"I love GWF."
by disRusspect December 21, 2011
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