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GUDRAZE is a very popular term that is moving into higher standards than it ever was. Starting as a word that was known by only a couple of people has now grown into a term spreading very fast. GUDRAZE has a variety of meanings, which can be described in the way of which it is used. Soon this term will be known worldwide, and many will be inspired by its greatness. Through the precision of GUDRAZE many people will be moved by it's works, and will continue to spread.
Playing Style:
GUDRAZE is a two-footed player, thus allowing him to play anywhere up front: right, left or through the middle. This has enabled GUDRAZE and other players to switch wings occasionally, allowing the Trojans to further confuse their opponents.
GUDRAZE has superb technical ability. Besides his multiple step-over moves, he also developed a wide array of skills, making him a tricky and unpredictable winger to come up against. GUDRAZE'S pace, and attack through blistering runs, either down the wings or cutting into the middle, has been an asset to the Trojans counter-attack.
Currently GUDRAZE is working on a fashion design that will be based on his colors and designs. The supportive color of GUDRAZE is red, as shown as the base color on his boots. His own signature boots have his national colors of red, white, and blue with the American Flag on the back heel. His signature name is written on the outsides of each boot in yellow. One of his idols is Soulja Boy, and his main inspirations Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo. From his bags to even glasses he carries the GUDRAZE name with him so that all can take along some of the "magic" with them. As he said, " I honestly never could have thought that such a small name and prospect could have turned into something that it is today. There was no intention to make a big deal out of this but i'm happy that people actually have given me a chance to not only prove myself but to take the GUDRAZE name to the next level. This is something that I will always be grateful for and I thank everyone for everything they have done to get me to where I am today. From everyone on my present and past teams, I say thank you for always being extra supportive and even carrying on some of the tradtions moving today. I want to give an extra thanks to Brandon for making the sign it's amazing. I will always take advantage of the oppurtunities I have and make them into something greater. My life right now is like someone's favorite television show, you never know what is going to happen next." When GUDRAZE was asked what was the best moment of his life so far with no hesitation he simply replied, "The best is coming." We will just have to see what is in store for GUDRAZE in the future because honestly no one knows. We will just have to sit back and enjoy the show.
"My GoAl iS tO WiN eVeRy maTcH I plAy, I KnoW iT iS dIFfiCulT bUt iT iS wHaT I bElIeVe. WhAt hAs giVeN mE thE moSt hOpE aNd jOy wAs A BaLl, ToDaY iT iS sTilL tHe sAmE. My RoLe iS tO iNvEnT, tO cReAtE. To HeLp ThE tEaM pLaY tOgeThEr. ThErE iS aLwAyS rOoM fOr iMpRoVeMEnT. I tRaIn HArDeR eVeRy DAy tO iMpRovE mY wHoLe GaMe. If yOu hAvE a DrEAM, ChASe aFtEr iT. WoRk HArD. My DrEaMs CaMe TrUe. It CaN hApPeN tO yoU."
"To HaVe mY oWn bOoT wIth my nAmE oN iT, Is sOmEthIng I hAve AlWayS dReAmEd oF sInCe I wAs A LiTtLe boY. I aLwAyS wAnTeD sOmEthInG I cAn IdEnTiFy mySeLf wiTh, To fEeL aT eAsE wiTh, And tHeN I wAs gIveN tHis ChAnCe. It HaD tO bE a MoRE tRaDiTiOnAL bOoT, tHrOuGh mY cOlOrS oF tHE rEd aNd bLuE. ThErE iS nO dOuBT I LiKe tO fEeL thE bAlL. ThiS LeAthEr gIVes YoU bEttEr cOnTaCt wItH tHe bAlL. ThE stUds ArE vErY sTrOnG tO giVe mE eVeN moRe cOnTrOl oF thE bAlL. FoR mE iT iS a gReAt jOy tO bE aBlE tO wEaR mY dReAm bOoT. ThiS iS tHe bOoT I hAve aLwAyS dReAmeD oF pLaYinG wItH. So toDaY I aM rEaLly hApPy."
"I kNoW I'm WaTcHeD. I kNow aLl eYeS aRe oN mE. MiLliOns tUnE iN fOr tHE sHoW. EvErY wEek pEoPlE eXpEcT thE uNeXpECtED. ThE peOplE DiSsEcT eVeRy mOvE I mAkE. DeFeNdErS aNaLyZe mY mOvEs. I kNoW aLl eYeS aRe oN mE. On mY nUmBeR. On mY fEeT. So wHaT dO yOu dO wHeN aLl tHe fAnS aRe LoOkiNg aT yOu? YoU mAkE tHeM LoOk tHe OthEr wAy."
"There are a lot of people who are just followers and do things because everyone else is doing it. So do not be mad, I did it first. I'm trying to lead by example."
"Accuracy is threading it through their defense, when others play a loose pass. Or putting it across the face of the goal, when others cross it straight at the keeper. Accuracy is putting it exactly there, on the spot, every time, without fail. "

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GUDRAZE is known worldwide.
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by GUDRAZE December 02, 2007
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