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An acronym for the Greatest Survivalist Of The Modern Era, usually a person who is able to manipulate people and events in such a way so as to always maintain an advantage over others. one who has a distinct, irrefutable advantage over others due to extreme talent, or the lack there-of. More than simply having a physical or mental quality, this refers to the use of one's traits to control others, usually perceived negatively by others who encounter such activities and/or persons.

It should be noted that these people have usually not decided to do this because of their inherent evil nature, but due to the ways in which they were raised. If, perhaps, a parent gives special treatment to an especially talented baby or one with a disability, they may come to expect this. When the child reaches an age (usually high school, but sometimes earlier) they begin to discover this ability that they can have over others; some use this while others avoid it.

These people normally have low self-esteem, large egos, and the background to convince them that becoming a GSOTME is a viable option in life.

Coined by a good friend in his book, "A Memoir on Living".
Taylor is the biggest GSOTME I've ever met cause he uses his good looks to control people and get what he wants

Jasmine totally became a GSOTME when she made her little sister do her chores cause of her diabetes.
by Inusitatus July 09, 2013
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