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A colloquial term believed to originate in Australia, this appetitive or complimentary term is commonly used in to describe:

- A slick, witty, well presented, and/or attractive person or object.

- It can also be used to describe an innovative approach to a difficult problem, where that solution requires guile, intelligence, or charm.

- An admirable deed or accomplishment.

- A thing of beauty or high value.
"I just got back from that job interview...they asked me a lot of difficult questions and I was getting flustered, but then I took a breath and pulled a griggsy, and they offered me a position on the spot!"

"Did you see that guy that talked to me at the club the other night? He was pretty griggsy, so I gave him my number and we are going out Wednesday night"

"Wow, did you see that guy catch that ball? It looked like he was going to drop it, I don't know how he did it, but he got pretty griggsy on that was awesome!"

"Isn't Jack's new car totally griggsy?!"
by K9GUY June 01, 2009
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