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When someone is extremely fucked up and needs to be "gurnied out this bitch". AKA their ride home from the party is an ambulance.
Yo, Olivia and Ally were GOTB tonight.
by garbanzo69420 June 10, 2018
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To be victorious in an endeavor or to win in a competition. Short for "Glitter on the ball."
"I won the race! GOTB!" "GOTB to our football team for winning the championship."
by Scare_Dog November 01, 2011
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The acronym for "Get On The Ball!!!", (aka get on the bus) a popular motivational phrase used by Billy Mays himself. Most notably for its use in Gmod(a popular mod for half-life 2); Where a player Dubbed "Billy Mays" utilizes the mic to extract those dirty responses from angry, stubborn children. Of which a video was created and posted on YouTube. There are also reports of Billy Mays in games like COD4, CSS, TF2, DODS and other popular HL2 mods. It was inevitable that "GOTB" was coined for forum/comment trollers and micless players a like, and now its so easy even your kids can do it!
Are you on the ball!? GOTB! Its new Oxyclean detergent! That's right! You'll never have to pour or measure detergent again! For only $19.99, That's right! GOTB!
by John O. B. December 17, 2008
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