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The best fuckin person in the world..should be worshiped by all
by James Fentress August 31, 2004
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Goth but not quite Goth

* Someone who Acts Goth when they want to but have a 50/50 chance of being the complete opposite

* Goth without the physical characteristics

* In tune with thyself in many levels

* Someone who is legit about everything
1) Hey my dude I’m looking for a goth girl that isn’t quite Goth...
...Like a girl that acts goth but doesn’t dress like

one ...
..Like if part of her soul was goth
2) Dude she’s so Goph! You can tell by the way she carries herself.
by DopamineDanny777 July 05, 2018
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Goph is one of the best people in the world. If you are a goph you are the best.
“I don’t like this, can you start being a turd and start acting like a goph,”
by Hot chato April 08, 2019
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