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A baller ass group of dudes from the midwest. A crew/crue. Defined as the Grocery Outlet Brue Crue. Founded in early 98 by leader Paperstacks, they have risen to fame and have gotten all the fly hunnies since then. They use the common catch phrases that all the smooth kids use like : "Green is for the money, and Gold is for the Hunnies", and "Chillin is not a crime", and "Gooooottttt emmmmmm".
Damn man, did you see those guys chillin n shit?

Yeah dude They are part of the GOBC. I heard that Shaun once got a gunship and Doug died at the end of the match, making sure that shaun would not be able to use said gunship.

Thats fucked up!

True... True
by Shaun Paperstacks January 15, 2011
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