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Good Looking Bros Club. Best looking, most charming, the greatest. Everything a woman is looking for in a man. The type of man they see in their dreams. As hot as the beach, As big as the ocean.
woman 1 -"omg, they have this little group thing called GLBC, its soo gay. its like a fricken cult for douchebags"
woman 2 -"i know. they think theyre the shit, theyre soo cocky. i hate guys like that, theyre not even that good looking"
w 1 -"like i wouldnt fuck any of them"
w 2 -"but didnt you fuck dan?"
w 1 -"yeah but like that was just one time, im never going back there"
woman 2 -"i know they are creepy, and someone always throws up. never going back. hold on wait, Dan just texted me, he said Parkers coming home this weekend and we should go"
w 1 -"i dont know, i mean theres not really anything going on this weekend, and we can just go and drink their alcohol!!! "
w 2 -"lol yes! drink everything and site and leave! best idea evaa"
later that weekend...1am...Robs apt...
*bathroom of robs apartment
w 1 -"i dont know should I? like i know hes an asshole but hes soooo cute, and he seems like he actually likes me"
w 2 -"get it girl!"
next day...driving home...
w 1 -"my vagina hurts...i cant believe i fucked him."
w 2 -"i know hes an asshole. i was trying to sleep this morning and he was walking around singing Closing time, and kept singing the part that goes 'you dont have to go home but you cant stay here' really loud!"
w 1 -"I know those guys are all assholes. the tall one wouldnt even call me by my name, he just kept calling me blue shirt"
W 2- "i know. dicks. we are never gonna go back there...."
W 1-" yeah we will.."
W 2 -" I know.."
by madlax82 May 10, 2011
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