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AS a young male recives his first hand down a girls panty (first fingering experience)he will feel a warm smelly goey substance this mess is his first acceptance toward becoming a man

AS a female goes down on a male she will taset and feel a warm smelly goey substance ( precum cum ect) as a result of glands and bodily fluids as her first timer exp.
hey bro i wass playin with roxys pussy it was all hott and sticky and stufff idk but it smelt bad... tsss pussy glands or summin damm it was all glanto

hey sista last night i wass messin around with roger and well you see his penis was in my mouth and some type of sticky clear stuff drizzled in my mouth it was sour but fruity in glanto sweat fever way
by lil junt aka master junt September 04, 2011
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