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What's GLïfe? GLïfe is a group of people who loves Money, Cars and Kicks. And of course if you're about that GLïfe, meaning you love money cars and kicks, one day You gon' have a car and YOU gotta name your car any words that starts with the letter “G”. Anything. And why y'all spell Lïfe with two dots? Well, now you're a "GLïfer" meaning a true hustler, and every GLïfer must fall in love with 2 Mill meaning 2 millions. Get it now. Are you a GLïfer now?!

~ GLïfe

And what’s T.N.$? The Never $leep means Money don’t $leep. Get Money Fuck $leep, you can Sleep when you die.

~ The Never $leep
Andrettï ; Ayy Andrew, I heard your loot getting fat?

Andrew; I been getting this loot for years mane! GLïfe me right quick!
by GLïfe March 16, 2018
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refers to the grimey life. pronounced geee life with an elongated eeeee sound.
when blair punched that ho in the face she was like, "I punched that ho in the face, g life!"
by your xroomate April 14, 2007
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