Acronym for "Go Home, Masturbate, Sleep."

The antithesis of DTF or "Down To Fuck"
"Hey Erin, you DTF?"

"Not really, I think I'm just gonna GHMS."

by Clintacus April 12, 2013
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The acronym stands for the "Get High Movement," can be used interchangeably with getting high, wasted, drunk, etc. If you see this graffitied throughout your high school, you can be reassured that your school has been overrun with rich, bored druggie teenagers. Contrary to popular belief, the acronym does not stand for "Get High Montville" or any other town/school name beginning with an "M". Please do not be delusional. It is in no way supportive of the non-existent school spirit in your school. Also contrary to popular belief, it does not stand for the "Get Healthy Movement."
I was like so GHM when the cop pulled me over. LOL.
by foodslayer12 November 4, 2010
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The act of guessing a woman’s pubic landscape on

This is best done during work after lunch with friends. Keeping score is recommended.

Possible muff choices are 1) SB - shaved bald 2) LS - landing strip 3) Patch 4) Trimmed 5) Natty - Natural
<girl walks by>

guy 1 - "dude definitely a landing strip"
guy 2 - "good GHM"
by TheGuesserOfMuff September 25, 2009
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From personal ad lingo, stands for Gay Hispanic Male
by demonW December 3, 2004
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ghm means god help me xDDD ;___; (sarcastically some times it can be used )
Anna:What so we eat with forks?
Layla:ghm xDDD

kyle:APRIL FOOLS!!!!

skyla:Ghm ;__;
by imbored12345 December 23, 2018
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