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Sales: I would like to run a full fledged analysis on historical utility rates, comparing to NYMEX pricing dating back 17 years, but altering the degree day on January 17. 2003 to 4 degrees Celsius, and how that would have impacted the futures basis marke...

Opz: GFSS (click)
by Opz4Lyfe January 8, 2019
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When a male normally around the age of a high schooler or college student; however cases have been found in other age groups, refuses to dumb an annoying bitch of a girlfriend once he starts having steady sex with a girl for fear of not being able to find someone else to fuck and suck his dick on the reg in an timely fashion.
Everyone - Bro, we hate your girlfriend. She is an annoying bitch let alone ugly and you could do a lot better.

Pussy whipped Guy - You do not know her like I do. She's really nice once you get to know her and I am not going to do any better.

Everyone else - Give it up Jeremy has Girlfriend Sex Syndrome (GFSS).
by Dr. Broberg October 17, 2010
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