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There is no such thing.
Gen-Z language is AAVE, also known as African American Vernacular Language.
Basically a bunch of white kids took the same words and phrases they used to call “ghetto” and “ratchet” and changed the name to “Gen-Z Language
Girl 1:
“Girl, you what Gen-Z language is??”
Girl 2:
“No.. what is it?”
Girl 1:
“Words like Chile, purr, period, fleek, woke, lit, etc. and phrases like ‘The gag is-’ ‘what’s the tea’ ‘bye Felicia’ etc.”

Girl 2:
“So... AAVE?”
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by megermind May 10, 2021
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"Gen Z language" was thought of as a language by millenials and boomers and some make fun of it, not knowing that they're literally making fun of how black people speak.

Yes, believe it or not, a lot of the words you hear come from black people and what's called AAVE

AAVE is African American Vernacular Speech.
"lol Gen Z language? like how they say "bruh" "yall" and "period" haha that's so funny"
"uhh.. that's how we speak, i bet you have your own words too"
by bluesunnyfox May 13, 2021
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A language old people cant understand.
Lets talk in weird Gen Z language so old folks cant hear us
(Old People) What the f*** are you talking about.
I didn't know old people cussed.
by .Imp May 11, 2021
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