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Minecraft porn is for noobs if you want real porn watch that ghost dwarf napkin rape anal penetration in furry costumes that shit is mmmMMMMMM so good turns me on real quick I can’t last with that juicy juicy mini eyedrop squirt from the dwarf that is fucking hot as shit forget any girlfriend ever all you need is a ghost dwarf and a napkin as a condom and you’ll feel the most fucking pleasurable thing known to fucking man mark my words if you want an actual sexual experience take my word for it go find a dwarf, bash his head in with a fucking rock, and then legally consent to have sex with him but make sure he has a napkin as a condom or else you’ll have baby caspers and we know how difficult one child is to deal with right? Anyways thats my story go fuck a ghost dwarf turns me the fuck on. GDNR itself stands for Ghost Dwarf Napkin Rape
I love GDNR it really gets the mind going! And most of all, I love the feeling of the Napkin!
by Time For Fun and Laughs! May 29, 2018
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