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1. Abbreviation for the phrase (G)od (D)amn (B)itches (B)e (C)razy, an extension of the already popular phrase BBC, or Bitches Be Crazy. This useage of the term is not to be confused with its counterpart definition, as per below
2. God Damn British Broadcasting Corp.-- Usually used by Brit-fags when describing their heavily censored popular national news Corporation, when describing any story covered by them, and subsequently blown out of proportion
1. (While talking about their girlfriends)

Guy1: Ye, my girlfriend wanted me to go out and buy female condoms, when male ones are like 3x cheaper.

Guy2: Ye, GDBBC

2. Talking about the news

Guy1: Did you see the report on IRaq last night?

Guy2: Ye, that was stupid, GDBBC
by Awesomeguy1337 May 05, 2009
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