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This is Burnside 1 ov the 5 founders ov da gang (GBH (greenbank homies). We have know got are total number up to about 50. We go out and roam the streets ov Radcliffe luking for big fights, lots ov trouble and da most ov all booze. We take life and shit as it comes and dont take shit from anyone. This is the GBH and we are GBH. BangBang lites out fa tanite biatch.
Gang Thugs gangsta gs (certified)
by Burnside March 06, 2005
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GBH (tha crew) a.k.a. GreenBankHomies. This is a group of thug teenagers that live in Radcliffe. They roam the streets in search of extreme violence or a piss up. They are usually found smoking, drinking and pissing around. It consists of 5 members and about 5 tag alongs. The five founding members are - Bouncer(me), Burnside, Garfield, Jak the Spak and meadow. Tag alongs consist of LLoyd Banks, Bill Fuckly, Niall, Crimson chin(who now is a social outkast)and Bendur. They all like to play it as it comes and to take it easy. Keep it real!
We are the GBH crew. We take it as it comes. THUG LIFE
by Mike March 05, 2005
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