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GAYMAD is an acronym for "Gimme All Your Money And Drugs."This expression developed as a response to the established mantra of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, (PLUR) an unofficial set of values in the rave and electronic dance music scene. GAYMAD is a humorous jab used by people disenchanted with optimism of PLUR and or the failure of ravers to recognize the selfish motives of themselves, individuals or segments of their community.

The term was first used by DJ McBastard on several rave discussion boards and subsequently entered the offline vocabulary of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States EDM scene. It can also function as a greeting.
"People complain about the vibe at this venue but then spend the whole night looking for drugs instead of dancing or feeling the music. That is GAYMAD in action."

"When I see an underage kid rolling at the rave this weekend, I am going to hug him so I can steal his wallet in the spirit of GAYMAD"

by Kye M. February 14, 2009
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An expression used by homosexual males ironically to express an exaggerated campness or consumption of ice-cream during a given period of time.
Barry's gone GAYMAD.

Samsupernova is quite the GAYMAD sometimes.
by CakeMad July 28, 2006
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