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A hotboxed gondola on a ski mountain

skiers and snowboarders climb in and shut all doors and windows and smoke blunts and joints untill the whole chamber is filled with smoke.
dude we rode the Ganjala. and we had a blast... haha too bad i fell like a million times
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
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The river run gondola is reffered to as the GANJALA because it is commonly hotboxed by the local shredders.
ITs 4:15 we got five minutes to get on the ganjala!
No stupid tourist you cant ride the Ganjala with us.
Spring dipper shack is full of hippies again lets hit up the Ganjala
by Field 24 February 21, 2008
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a type of lift commonly referred to as a gondola, but to chronic crew riders and other smokers it is commonly referred to as the ganjala due to the heavy smoking that occurs within it.
Yo don't take the lift lets get high on ganjala!
by CC rider May 15, 2007
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When stepping into a gondola and the previous passengers have been smoking weed the whole way up the mountain
"Woo Steve, smells like we''ll be riding the ganjala"
"High up dude"
by Stacks McGee March 13, 2013
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